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About Our Employees
Most of our employees come through our Employee Reference Program. Our employees know what is expected of them, and so they use this standard to recruit and refer skilled, motivated people.
Prospective MCC employees must go through several steps before they are candidates for hire.
  • aboutemployees.jpgTelephone interview: We try to establish a work history, and gather references.
  • References: We encourage both personal and professional references and place substantial importance in the responses we receive.
  • Interviews: The operations managers and site supervisors will both conduct independent interviews of any candidates.
  • Review: Prior to hiring any employee we review work requirements and company policies to ensure they understand the conditions in which they are being employed.
  • Background checks through Avert Human Resource Management.
Before a new employee goes to a job site, he or she is properly trained in cleaning methods and equipment usage. And the education doesn’t stop with orientation. MCC provides and requires on-going training sessions for its employees.